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from $300 , €223, £206, 9346 rur
The Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 is located in a charming and exclusive area, at the very heart of St. Petersburg, on the Moika River, opposite the renowned Hermitage Museum. The hotel is just two minutes walk from Nevsky Prospect, close to all major sites and shopping.
from $80 , €60, £55, 2492 rur
«Matsiov Domik» is a small (46 rooms) cozy hotel ideally located on a quiet embankment of Pryazhka-river in downtown St. Petersburg, Russia. The famous Mariinsky theatre is just a few minutes away from the hotel. An ideal hotel location in direct proximity to the cultural and historical sights and banking districts and shopping areas of the city makes the hotel attractive to both business travelers and cultural tourists. Many Russian and foreign musicians, television stars and journalists like to stay here. Hotel “Matisov Domik” is a first-class hotel with French charm and traditional Russian hospitality that combines comfortable amenities with efficient service. Enjoy regional and international cuisine at the hotel-own’s restaurant!
from $1 , €1, £1, 31 rur
The tourist department of hotel "ASTERIA" rends services directly, that allows to guarantee high quality of given services and to offer you the most attractive prices! Now you do not need to waste time to order various kinds of services (accommodation, excursions, transfers, tickets in theatres, etc.) in different places, you can order all in a tourist department of hotel "ASTERIA". They are glad to offer you not only accommodation in the hotel "ASTERIA", but also organization of the cultural program. They have extensive base of the guides-translators giving service in all languages of the world, own transport with professional drivers perfectly knowing excursion routes.